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I never tried the cougar thing before. It was exhilarating. My young date and I were a little uncertain at first meet. As the evening went on we had a jollytime of it.

Susan, from Chichester

Dating a younger guy really interested me, but where would I find him? How would I know he wanted to try it? I scanned who was on cougardating.tv and saw three who wanted someone like me. Woo hoo, hot times ahead!!

Dana R., Salisbury, UK

None of the mates my age wanted to go out to the pubs. I was bored till I met Joel on cougardating.tv. We met at a pub and had a night to remember. He was fun and we even danced a little. We’ll get together again Friday night to go line dancing.

Lorene W., Plymouth, UK

I had good times with birds my own age. But, conversational depth was lacking. It was my time to find an older woman. Linda is sensitive and understands I want some connection as a prelude to the sexual encounter. She’s hot, in and out of bed.

Alistair N., Wales

Women my own age make me uncomfortable. I’m a shy guy and need some female understanding before I can relax and enjoy a date. I need a little verbal teasing and met someone here who does it so well. We chatted online for months. After one sexy phone call, tonight we meet each other.

Benjamin B., Peterborough, UK